Sailing Boat Kits

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sailing boat kits

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10 Responses to Sailing Boat Kits

  • Fade To Black:

    Interested in sailing. No knowledge of boating, but reading. Inland lakes, rivers. Maybe lake Erie. Advice?
    The idea of sailing fascinates me and I’ve picked up books from the library just to learn whatever I can.

    Today I purchased the only boating book that my local bookstore had, Steve Sleight’s “The New Complete Sailing Manual”.

    I’ve never been around the water much and never spent any time on boats. I even have a tendancy to get motion sickness which I understand can be overcome by wearing a patch.

    Other than reading and maybe joining a club to learn more and take lessons, I don’t know what else to do.

    I may or may not buy or build a kit boat for lakes in the future but I’m just playing with ideas for now as far as a boat goes.

    The waters that I’m aware of around here for playing are Buckeye Lake, Hoover Reservoir, and Alum Creek State Park in Ohio.

    I’m open to any advice that one would care to share with me as far as boats to own for a family of three and maybe a few friends.

    Any advice for getting started sailing would be great too.

    Thanks in advance to all.
    The answers I have recieved so far, as of three days after posting my question, are most excellent and I thank each and every one of you so much for your response.

    I have decided to extend the answer period because of such a variety of responses and I’m like a kid in a candy store in that I don’t want to miss anything that anyone would care to add.

    I’ve saved every link sent to me so that I can easily go back and check them out at my leisure. Thanks for all of them.

    As for a best answer, there is absolutely no way that I could even begin to choose so, I will open that up to you folks to choose amongst yourselves for you who have the knowledge that I seek surely are a much better judge of what is the more deserving answer.

    Additional answers are gladly accepted and encouraged.

    In the event you wish to share more info with me through email, please place the word, “SAILING” in the subject line so that I wont delete it thinking that it may be spam.

    • oskeewow13:

      Take some classes from local park district or private schools. I took one sailing class for about $300. It was for 5 days and 3 hrs per day. It was darn worth it because the class taught me search and rescue skills besides the basic sailing skills.

  • Kabfisher:

    Where can you get a Grumman Sail Kit?
    I have a grumman sport boat and want a sail kit for it. If they no longer make them could i make one myself?

  • Paul H:

    Where to buy Soling 1M sail boat kit in canada?

    • mainsailorus:

      did you check out the AMYA website? there are links there for this and many other types of R/C Sailboats

  • Sheina Colfer:

    Anyone have any Laser (sailing boat) parts for sale?
    I’m looking for a Laser XD kit with the kicker, outhall and downhall. . They are too expensive new so if anyone is selling them or knows where i can find them for cheap please let me know. I need to upgrade!

  • snowskaterninja:

    where do i buy the kit for a sail boat? e bay only has nitro kits.?

    • mikey:

      You are not clear in the type of sail boat you are considering, however, I have used the plans and their supplied lumber and hardware from Glen-L marine to build several of their designs, and they are fun to build, and they are great units when finished. Understand that 99.9 percent of the ‘build your own’ boats are going to be wooden boats, as opposed to manufactured fiberglass “you finish” hulls. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Are you wanting something you have to trailer or do you want something to ‘roof-top’? Go to their website, use their forum, and check their classifieds, then, have a great time, and take pride in the ownership of a boat you built yourself.