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The majority of people don’t comprehend how important it's to use the right strategies and ploys for handling boat building immaculately. And as a consequence they finish up either undermining themselves or giving up on it very easily. As discovering the right strategies i sn’t unbeatable project, they need to comprehend that they mightn't fail to complete and on the contrary understand the right strategies for the same. The majority of people complain that there isn’t any opportunity from where they can find out the right move for #KW1#. But finally here is the place where they can get detailed information with all that they ever wanted to discover about this topic.

Playboy Runabout Boat Plans

Runabout Boat Plans – Getting Started Building a Motor Boat

As for the propulsion of the boat, you've the option of using jet drives, inboard or outboard engine or a combination of inboard/outboard engine. All of these power means have the advantage as well as disadvantages. For example, jet drives are generally easier to manoeuvre and more suited to shallow waters. However, it needs a larger engine thus it can be very costly in terms of fuel consumption.

Another thing you'd do well to consider beforehand is the runabout boat plans which you're going to use for the project. Personally, I strongly suggest a stitch and glue runabout boat plans in this case. Stitch and glue are generally the easiest technique of boat building these days. It'll save you massive amount of time as well as material cost.

Furthermore. The not so experienced boat builders, I strongly suggest you start with building a smaller boat. A larger boat would entail more complex construction process. And try to choose a boat plan that’s complete with step by step instruction and guide for the building process. I personally would choose a plan that's several images to illustrate the instruction to make the dimensions even more elaborate and easier to follow.

About the author: To anyone who have the same passion as I do, you may want to check out runabout boat plans of every kind which I find very helpful in building a boat. You may check out that resource here:


Frequently Asked Questions

    I need a floor plan for a 1972 Beachcraft Boat 20′ Runabout?

    • ANSWER:
      You should check with a beachcraft dealer:

      Or check with By the sea forum:

    I’m thinking of buying a boat. Any Advice?
    I’m thinking of buying a boat sometime in the future and other than going out on friends boats a few times I’m pretty much inexperienced in this area. I plan on taking it slow in both the buying and learning process of owning a boat. However I would like a few tips before I dive into boat searching.

    It will be used in freshwater lakes, and there are a few lakes within close driving distance to me so it would need to be trailerable. It will be used mostly for cruising the lakes with family and friends (including small children). It will be used for intertubing and some skiing and wakeboarding. I’m thinking something that can seat at least 6-7 people be fast enough for skiiing and fun, but comfortable enough to anchor, swim, relax, and just hang out.

    I’m new to all this so I’m not sure what types of motors, features, and brands are best. So far, I’ve looked at bowrider and runabout boats but I’m open to suggestion.

    I think I like inboard motors because I don’t like looking at the motor, but which is best for a beginning boater?

    I want my boat to last. So, is it okay to leave it outside as long as it has a cover or does it make a huge difference to keep it in a garage? I’m thinking that I want a boat that would be too big to store in a garage. Are there any options that you can think of for this?

    I definitely want to buy new and I’m hoping to spend somewhere around ,000

    • ANSWER:
      Well, first off determine what you truely can afford if you buy new.

      You need to figure in not only the financing cost, but insurance, yearly maintanence, storage slot if you don’t have room at home, etc.

      This can start to seriously add up alot if you’re boat is not already paid for.

      In my view, you need to look at a reaasonably late model used boat with reasonable to low hours for its age.

      The most sought after boat tends to be 16 to 18 foot bowrider with 6 cylinder Mercrusier sterndrive I/O. Sea Ray, Four Winns, Glastron, Cobalt are par grade boats.

      Avoid the Bayliner brand unless that is all you can afford. Quality control has gotten a little better since 2000, but they still tend to buy lower quality boat hull/interior equipment.

      Regard buying advice, I recommend you get an experienced boater who you can trust to walk through the buying process.

      Take this process slow, you do not want to rush or be “overeager” to find a quick boating solution. Research rigorously, get experienced boater feedback, and make a well informed decision.

    I live in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA and am planning on buying a used 15 foot fiberglass runabout tomorrow.?
    i have checked out and am happy with the boat but am wondering what i need to do paperwork wise ie transfer of rego on boat and trailer etc. and what i would need to do if either rego has expired?

    • ANSWER:
      well i got a 15 foot fiberglass boat, its got a 75hp mariner (rebuilt engine), all safety gear, registered boat and trailer, it has a fish finder, for 00 tell me if u r interested. i live in nsw if u want me to send you the pictures just email me at

    Buying a runabout with a stern drive.?
    I have a list of boats to look at in April, a few of them are 1980′s models with 3litre engines and stern drives. My concern is I have never owned a stern drive before and kind of concerned buying one that old. I don’t plan on using the boat that often maybe 6 times a season thats why Im looking that age. What do I check for on the stern drive that will give me clues that something is wrong. Can I put in gear and measure the freeplay at prop, how much is okay? I do have mechanical ability so a little work doesn’t worry me. Also do inboards require immission testing? Any tips will be appreciated.
    Stewpid, Your probably right on the money there. The ones I picked out are at dealers supposedly checked out ready to go but suspect I’m dealing with a used car saleman selling boats. Hope Not

    • ANSWER:
      all you’re gonna’ get from the ’80′s is a big problem. stay above ’95. the i/o’s can cost plenty if you make a poor choice. buy one from a dealer and get at least a few days warranty. most of the work on the outdrive is complex, but with a manual you might do some of it. it’s a very heavy & awkward thing to deal with and some special tools are needed. best of luck.

    What’s the fuel consumption of a 50HP outboard motor?
    I’m planning to commute 8 miles each way every day by boat, and have placed a bid in an auction on a runabout with a 50HP Mercury outboard, two-stroke.
    It’s a planing hull with a windscreen, 5 metres long, and I suppose I wouldn’t go full-throttle, just enough to go into planing mode, and then cruise along like that.
    The boat comes with a 20L (5 gallon) tank. Would I be walking to the petrol station with that on a daily basis?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ll probably be burning around 6 to 8 gallons per hour, so the key here is what the planing speed of the hull is. Planing boats are not a particularly fuel-efficient breed; a displacement hull is much more efficient provided you keep the speed (and the wake) down. Without seeing the boat or knowing the condition of the motor, I’d guess that you will be making regular trips to the fuel dock. 4-stroke engines are more fuel efficient, and ripping everything that is not essential out of the boat to reduce weight will help. Good Luck!

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