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The majority of the population don’t comprehend how important it's to utilise the best strategies and ploys for completing boat building impeccably. And as a consequence they end up either making fun out of themselves or giving up on it very easily. Since discovering the best strategies i sn’t unbeatable challenge, people should comprehend that they mightn't fail to complete and on the contrary learn the best tactics for the matter in hand. The majority of people complain that there isn’t any opportunity from where they can find out the best move for #KW1#. However here is the place where they can get informed with everything that they ever wished to unearth about the same.

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How Did I Get My Own Catamaran Plans For Free?

When I decided to build my own catamaran I started off by looking for suitable designs and the plans to go with them. I went to my local chandlers, to a boat mart and I talked to a few people at my local sailing club. Nada. Nothing. I couldn’t find anything that came any way close to what I was looking for. Then a friend of mine told me about some do it yourself boat design software she’d heard about. I tracked it down and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were offering what seemed to be the solution to my problem for under 50 dollars. Some of the plans I’d seen for sale cost over 0. But then the realisation hit me. I didn’t know anything about designing boat hulls and I’d never designed anything using a computer. What was I thinking of? <b>Curiosity</b>. Curiosity began to get the better of me and I thought, Hell, it’s only fifty bucks. So I bought myself a copy and quite frankly, it’s the best piece of software I’ve ever bought. It took me an hour or two to become familiar with the interface but it’s all pretty intuitive and within the first day I'd come up with something that I was pretty pleased with. <b>A Mini Production Line</a>. It wasn’t actually a catamaran at all. A small dinghy that the kids could use on our local boating lake. I didn’t want to take on anything too ambitious at first and I didn’t actually build it myself, my brother in law did, building two next to each other in his garage –. One for his kids and one for mine. Seeing those two partially completed hulls standing next to each other in his garage really got me enthused about catamarans and so I set about my design with renewed vigour. <b>Catamarans Are Different</b>. As you know, a catamaran hull is somewhat different from a single hulled vessel and it took me a little while to get to grips with the hydrostatic calculation for hulls with a much deeper shape. But I’m very glad I did. The hulls are now under construction in my garage. It’s taken rather longer than I’d hoped because my wife had a baby in the middle of the build –. Very inconvenient of her –. That’s slowed things down considerably. But no matter, half the fun of this project is the design and the build –. I still can’t wait to get her out on the water next spring. <b>It’s a Bug!</b>. I’ve really got the bug for boat design (particularly catamaran design) now and I’ve actually sold a couple of designs to fellow sailing club members. Whether they’ll go on to actually build them is anybody’s guess but I made seventy dollars on the deal so I suppose you could say I got my own plans for free!

About the author: Find our how you can get your own catamaran design ideas into print for under fifty bucks with this remarkable new boat design software. You’ll probably soon find you can start selling your plans too – and that’s the icing on the cake!


Frequently Asked Questions

    Ocean Catamarans made of wood or bamboo?
    I am looking for Ocean Catamaran designs and I was wondering if they can be made of wood or bamboo or other natural materiel? All so, can any one help me find “floor plans” for Ocean Catamarans?

    • ANSWER:
      Forget the bamboo… that would cost you more then one not-so-small fortune. In fact, I can build and fully rig and provision an offshore catamaran for less then you would pay just for the bamboo.

      I have to give it to “Girly Brains” on this one. If you like the Polynesian style, the Wharram Catamaran is the way to go – especially in a DIY home built vessel. Done right, the Wharram Catamarans probably have the strongest demand and resale value of any home-built vessel every built. They are strong, fast, and wonderful for sailing around the world and especially in the tropical weather.

      One word of caution however… If you have never built a boat before (and I suspect you haven’t because of your mention of bamboo) then you need to really make sure you have enough fortitude and dedication to see this project through to its completion. My son and I (both experienced boat builders) built the Wharram Tiki 38 several years ago… It took us two and a half years from start to finish – and it is an easy boat to build. So… While I encourage the project, you need to be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into before you buy plans and start construction.

      Depending on your location, you need a place to build it, and you have to build it on a building frame (or jig) and in addition, you need to build it under one big huge semi-permanent cover. That long a project requires it to be protected from the outside elements of both rain & sun (UV rays). In addition, because of the vessels width – be prepared to pay a professional mover ,000 to ,000 to move it to the ocean. (In my life time, I have had built a dozen live aboard size vessels too big to tow down the highway. One only had to be moved 1 city block from my back yard to the ocean, and it still cost me ,000. The one before that had to be moved exactly 110 miles and it cost me ,000. Because of the size, both being “wide loads” it required professional movers & special permits… So, all this needs to be taken into serious account before you start your project.

      Believe me, I am not trying to discourage your dream or your project… I think it’s great. But you do need to approach it with your eyes wide open.

      Good luck,

    Building a small Catamaran!?
    Hi guys, just got to be summer time and I am looking for some designs for a VERY simple little catamaran or trimaran. Any websites that have free plans, or if anybody has any tips for just designing one because that’s what I’m doing now! Thank you so much! Any help is Greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Um.. you DO know it will take at least a YEAR to build even a simple boat.. right? You don’t have time to build ANY boat THIS summer.. and a CAT.. just WHY do you want to build a Catamarans? AND.. you won’t find any usable plans FOR FREE.. if you are so CHEAP you want FREE plans.. then how can you afford to build a boat from them?.. for that matter.. do you even KNOW ANYTHING about boat building.. I would guess you don’t or you would know what a project this is and you wouldn’t be asking here on Answers for web sites with FREE plans

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