Catamaran Boat Designs

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RC Boat Hull Plans: Hydroplanes, Monohull and Flat-Bottom

More than just for appearance purposes, boat hull plans are designed for manoeuvrability, stability and speed of the boat on the water. There are three types of hulls that you'll find in hull designs of RC boats and they're briefly discussed below.


Known for their speed, RC powerboats like the outrigger, tunnel hull, catamaran and 3-point hydro have hull designs with more than one surface coming in contact with the water. The boat is lifted out of the water by the trapped air under the boat’s hull space causing a lesser dragging effect since a lesser portion of the hull is in contact with the water. The effect wouldbe higher speeds for the boats. Of all hydroplanes, you'll find the outriggers as the fastest but they can be really tricky to deal with. For beginner racers, the combination of speed and better stability are offered by tunnel hulls and catamarans.


Monoplane hulls or simply called monohulls are available is several designs but the most sought after and the most familiar is the vee-shaped hull. Only one continuous surface comes in contact with the water for all monohull designs. you'll see this deep vee design in most sport boats. There are also shallow vee designs used in a few racing models because lesser hull surface comes in contact with the water. This will result to increased speed but the drawback is lesser stability that you can only get with deep vee designs.


This design is commonly used in hovercrafts or airboats. As suggested by the name, the boat’s bottom is flat or almost flat. Just above the surface, these boats float on an air cushion and the motors are sitting at the rear of the boat just above the body. Meanwhile, forwards thrust is made possible by an aeroplane propeller. Any skill level will surely enjoy using hovercrafts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to construct my own catamaran style boat…?
    For a construction project, a few friends and I have decided that we want to build our on boat that we can fish on or take out on the water. We figured that a catamaran would offer maximum space on deck with the least amount of materials used to build it. However, we are unsure of how to design out boat, what materials to use, and how much it will cost. We also do not know what to make the dimensions of the boat… we figure that it will need to have room for 3-4 people and maybe even a small bar-bee-q grill. We can’t really afford to make an actual, fully sizes boat… but a simple and small one should suffice. So does anyone have any information, suggestions, or web links for us to help get started? Thanks

    By the way, we figured that we would just use oars as propulsion rather than a sail. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      the simple way to build it is to use larger diameter PVC pipe. for ideas and instructions take a look at the Rebel Cat web site (it a sailboat but you can adapt the design for a fishing platform)

      check out the rebel cat 2

      you may also want to check out raft making plans

      hope this helps

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